Teeth Whitening Options

We now offer 20 minute in-office whitening with NO sensitivity!

Many patients want a quick and inexpensive way to lighten and brighten their smile. Teeth Whitening is used to improve discolored and stained teeth. Several methods are available, and the services provided at our office has several advantages versus over-the-counter solutions.

The most common method is the use of custom fitted trays. This simple process takes only a few minutes in our office. We take impressions of your teeth and then fabricate the trays. Upon your return to the office, your trays and the whitening solution are dispensed to you along with instructions for use. Depending on the strength of the solution and degree of discoloration, the trays will be worn as little as 30 minutes or as much as overnight for a few days, .

The trays can be re-used, so if additional whitening solution is need it can be purchased without the expense of purchasing new trays.